Intel 9th Gen low power T-series Processors launching soon


    A new report from wccftech claims that Intel’s 9th Gen low power (35W TDP) T-series processors are right around the corner with an expected launch date of 15th May.

    These low power T-Series processors are generally used by AIO (All-in-One) PCs for their low heat dissipation while also packing decent performance. They are also used for portable mini PC builds that don’t have the room for airflow.

    As leaked by momomo_us we’re expected to get 7 Core versions and 3 Pentium versions of this low power lineup, namely:

    • Core i9-9900T
    • Core i7-9700T
    • Core i5-9600T
    • Core i5-9500T
    • Core i5-9400T
    • Core i3-9300T
    • Core i3-9100T
    • Pentium G5600T
    • Pentium G5420T
    • Pentium G4930T

    Sitting on top is the Core i9-9900T packing 8 Cores and 16 Threads at a base frequency of just 2.1 GHz to achieve the 35W TDP mark. The i5-9400T with 6 Cores and 6 Threads has an even lower base clock of 1.8 GHz.

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    The Core i3 and Pentium variants have a clock speed north of 3.0 GHz but pack only 4 or 2 Cores to compensate for the power draw.

    The price for the i9-9900T was mentioned as $590 which is only slightly lower than the i9-9900K’s $680 and doesn’t justify the drop in performance so it’ll likely come down before official launch.

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