Intel 9th gen i3-9100F and i5-9400 Performance Demonstration

With the Intel 9th Gen product lineup nearing perfection, we have received official parameters of the non-K variants. These will be available this quarter from May or June.

There isn’t any change in the layout compared to the 8th Generation counterparts however Pentium and Celeron processors have seen an increase in frequency.

The i3 now comes equipped with Turbo Boost technology, making it the first i3 ever to have Turbo Boost capabilities. The base frequency at 3.6GHz, same as last gen, now goes up to 4.2GHz. This should translate to a roughly 10% – 15% performance gain.

Coming to the i5 lineup, the Memory cap has now been increased from 64GB (single limit 16GB) to 128GB (single limit 32GB), as a result of memory technology advancements.

As expected, mainstream 8th gen motherboards will also support Intel 9th gen processors with a simple BIOS update, be it the H310 or the Z370.

Tested by people at zhihu, the full core acceleration frequency of the i3-9100F has been confirmed to be 4.0GHz which is 12% higher than that of the i3-8100 and equivalent to the i5-7600K.

The stress test shows that the full load temperature does not exceed 50 degrees which is impressive. The total power consumption at that load is aruond 52W.


The performance of the hexacore i5-9400 is more or less same as the i5-8400 and 8500, as well as the i7-7700K.

Again we see great results with thermal tests, and the full load temperature is just 55 degrees and the power consumption around 61W.

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