9th Gen H-Series CPU Specs Revealed by Intel; to be announced by 21st May

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Intel today released an official document which details the upcoming 9th Gen Core H-Series processors. The CPUs will be officially announced on 21st April with laptops featuring the i7-9750H releasing sometime in May. The two new configurations which will be immediately made available are:

  • Core i7-9750H/GTX 1650
  • Core i7-9750H/GTX 1660 Ti

The 9th Gen H-Series use Intel’s Coffee Lake architecture on the 14nm process. They are generally used in high-performance gaming laptops and have a lower power rating of 45W TDP. They also use Intel UHD Graphics 630 and retain support for DDR4-2666 memory.

At the top end of the spectrum sits the i9-9980HK. The chip is expected to come with 8 cores, 16 threads, 16 MB of L3 cache and a 5GHz boost clock. The non-overclockable i9-9880H comes with a boost clock of 4.8 GHz. The other H-Series GPU specs are listed below:

  • i7-9850H and i7-9750H
    • 6 Cores
    • 12 Threads
    • 12 MB L3 cache
    • Boost Clock of 4.6GHz (9850H) and 4.5Ghz (9750H)
  • i5-9400H and i5-9300H
    • 4 Cores
    • 8 Threads
    • 8 MB of L3 cache
    • Boost Clock of 4.3GHz (9400H) and 4.1Ghz (9300H)
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Intel will probably be releasing more mobile CPUs and with the rumors of the new Ryzen chips, one should consider waiting before buying a new laptop. The new processors will offer better single and multi-core performance for both gaming and Vvdeo editing and are expected by mid-2019.

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