Just days after the reveal of AMD’s 2nd Generation Threadripper processors, a new leak has surfaced that pegs the boost clock of the 9th generation Intel Core i9 processors at a mighty 5 Ghz.

Discovered by the PTT community, these Intel CPUs are supposed to be based on the 14nm+ Coffee Lake refresh. Two i9 SKUs are mentioned in the leak, namely the Intel Core i9-9700K and the i9-9900K.

Intel i9

The i9-9700K is an 8 core enthusiast CPU without hyper-threading that boosts to a max clock of 4.9 Ghz in single threaded operations, whereas in multi-threaded tasks it manages to achieve a rather impressive 4.6 Ghz.

Intel i9

The top-end i9-9900K has hyper-threading enabled which pushes it’s thread count to 16. It has the same core count as the 9700K, however it features a marginally higher single core clock of 5 Ghz and a multi-core clock of 4.8 Ghz.

Although these CPUs shouldn’t pose any threat to AMD’s Threadripper CPUs in multi-threaded tasks, in single-threaded operations, it is very likely that the Ryzen chips won’t be able to keep up as demonstrated in the earlier benchmarks. Luckily for AMD, most professional workloads are multi-threaded, so these CPUs won’t really be much of a problem, but for gaming and other related tasks seems like Intel will retain it’s crown for now.

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