The latest CPUs added to Intel’s Coffee Lake S lineup feature Core i5 and Core i3 9000 series, which are six-core and quad-core respectively. However this new discovery from Intel’s official files currently lacks the Core i7 9000 series, which will likely be 8-core and 16-thread SKUs.

We are expecting a frequency boost of up to 200 MHz in Max Turbo state and at the same time mainting the TDP of 8th Gen.

The new SKUs can only be found in Microcode Update and June 2018 8th Gen Core Family update. Moreover, the new series were not added to Intel’s Ark. This means that while the products are not yet released, the presence in official documents more or less confirms a product launch. What’s confusing is that this seemingly 9th Gen Core series was listed as 8th Gen Core parts in those documents.

The 9000 series lineup will most likely be introduced with 8-core SKUs, which is something not mentioned in the official documents.

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