Intel Announces 56 Core Xeon Platinum Server CPUs To Counter AMD’s EPYC Lineup

Intel has planned to counter AMD’s upcoming EPYC Rome server processors with their newly revamped lineup of Cascade Lake Xeon server processors.

These Xeon Scalable data center processors were announced at Intel’s Data-Centric Innovation Day at San Francisco. Intel announced 53 different variants with the highest end variant going up to 56 cores and 12 memory channels per chip.

Apart from Xeon Scalable server processors, Intel also showcased Optane DC Persistent Memory DIMMs at the event.

Team Red’s 7nm EPYC beasts will challenge Intel’s Cascade Lake lineup with a phenomenal 64 cores and 128 threads in a single chip and double of that in a dual socket server.

Xeon Lineup

Intel’s new server-side flagship comes with Multi-Chip Module, which fuses two dies as a single chip. The company is trying to leverage this tech along with its massive market share on its server lineup to counter AMD’s (on paper) superior processors.

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The flagship Xeon Platinum 9282 boasts an impressive 3.8 GHz boost clock with a 2.6 GHz base clock and 77 MB of L3 cache. The dual die in each of these processor enables up to 12 channels memory controller for DDR4 2933 and up to 24 channels in DDR4 3TB in dual socket server.

It is interesting to note that for the 400W processors, Intel recommends a water-cooled supply rather than a traditional air cooler, and these chips won’t be compatible with the previous gen sockets.

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