Intel 14nm Rocket Lake-S Leaks and Features: The new Comet Lake-S?

    Intel CPUs
    Intel CPUs

    Recently, Intel’s next-gen platform codenamed Rocket Lake-S has been leaked in a graphics image by @VideoCardz. It reveals the use of new processor core architecture, PCI Express 4.0 support, Intel Xe based Graphics, no SGX, and many more features off the ground.

    Leaked image revealing features of the Intel Rocket Lake-S
    Leaked image…Source @VideoCardz

    The leaked image gives an overview of the new Intel Rocket Lake-S(14nm). And it is highly speculated that it is a feature upgrade to the Comet Lake-S.

    Leaked Features of the Intel Rocket Lake-S

    Along with removing its own Software Guard Extensions(SGX), Intel has incorporated some really exciting features to the new platform.

    It includes a newer processor core architecture, which is most probably Willow Cove cores designed over a 14nm architecture. It is also rumored to bring the new Xe Architecture for integrated graphics(codenamed Gen12). this will additionally bring in HDMI 2.0b and DisplayPort 1.4a support.

    As the chipmaker already confirmed at the CES 2020, that it is going to bring ThunderBolt 4 to the Tiger Lake. It is pretty obvious to expect the same for the Rocket Lake too. Even though ThunderBolt 4 does not carry any transfer speed improvement, rumors say, it would take in PCIe 4.0. Contradictorily, the image says it would still be using PCIe 3.0.

    Intel CPU Platform Specifications
    Intel CPU Platform Specifications Source:

    The leak also points out that the DMI(Direct Media Interface) is being upgraded from x4 to x8. This small change is going to benefit a lot with double transfer speeds. That is, expected to be 2 X 8 GT/s (or, 7.86 GB/s).

    Undoubtedly, the most important change for Rocket Lake-S is going to be the PCIe 4.0 support. Competing with AMD, this bold step is expected to pay-off Intel. The CPU is set to have direct 4.0 lanes, with additional 4 lanes for storage (x16 for GPU and x4 for NVME drive). This is going to help with both the NVMe drive and GPU to have a direct connection with the CPU, not PCH.

    Further, other leaked features include, higher DDR4 RAM speeds, new overclocking speeds, and capabilities, enhanced media, etc.

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