Intel Raptor Lake (13th Gen Core) CPU Roadmap Leaked

While Intel is yet to officially release its 11th Gen Core ‘Rocket Lake’ CPU lineup, it looks like the company’s future plans are already starting to hit the public. Videocardz has acquired an early roadmap detailing Intel’s 13th Gen Core ‘Raptor Lake’ lineup, which will improve upon this year’s hybrid-architecture in the Alder Lake series.

Intel Raptor Lake Roadmap via Videocardz
Intel Raptor Lake Roadmap via Videocardz

The roadmap appears to be an early one as it mentions Rocket Lake’s arrival on the desktop in 2020, which is only coming to fruition now. However, it does confirm a few details that were only speculated upon before, in that Raptor Lake will be the successor to Alder Lake’s hybrid big-little core architecture, which should give some nice competition to Apple’s M1 chip.

Intel Tiger Lake_UP3_UP4_black
Intel 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake CPU

Raptor Lake Mobile Features

As per the leaked roadmap, Raptor Lake on mobile (laptops/tablets) will include support for LPDDR5 RAM, along with the usual ‘improved performance’ over 12th Gen. It will also boast a new power delivery method.

Raptor Lake Desktop Features

On desktop, the 13th Gen Core CPUs will have an “improved CPU cache for gaming” as well as a new feature set for Intel’s vPro business platform.

Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S CPU
Intel 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S CPU

Seeing as these are acquired from an earlier roadmap, plans still might be subject to change. However, considering we’ve also seen leaks of Intel’s plans beyond 14th Gen Core (Lunar Lake), it might well be that team blue has finalised its roadmap for the near future.

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