Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake-Y CPU Based on 10nm Process Spotted


    Intel’s 10th Gen Ice Lake-U and Comet Lake-U CPUs are set to hit retail in the next 2-3 months. Although team blue will continue to get pummeled by AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors in the mainstream desktop market, the laptop space should see the introduction of some speedy, power-efficient devices courtesy of the Sunny Cove cores and the much-awaited 10nm node. The Gen11 iGPU will also keep interest piqued on the visual side of things. Intel is finally getting its house back in order and we should see the Tiger Lake chips debut soon after Ice Lake in 2020 providing notable improvements both in term of processing power as well as efficiency.

    This Tiger Lake-Y chip was spotted on UserBench yesterday indicating that Intel is making steady progress on the future lineups. This is the first appearance of this architecture in any database and from the look of it, it’s an early engineerings sample with tame clocks and lack of stability.

    We are looking at a quad-core hyperthreaded CPU tested running at a base clock of just 1.2Ghz and a boost of 2.9GHz. Considering that this is an ultra-low-power Y variant, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final iteration is clocked in the same range. The 10nm Tiger Lake-Y processor is paired with an Intel UHF Gen12 LP iGPU which will succeed the Gen11 processors said to launch with Ice Lake-U/Y and offer performance on par with AMD’s integrated Vega 10/11 parts. It’s too early to tell exactly how fast these parts will be and how much of difference will there be between the low-power and high-power variants but we can sure of one thing. They’ll be notedly better than the existing Gen9 and 9.5 UHD graphics present on the Coffee Lake products.

    Another interesting tidbit you can observe from this listing is that the CPU is paired with LPDDR4X memory, not DDR5. So, we can be almost sure that Intel isn’t planning to ditch the DDR4 standard anytime soon, at least not with Comet Lake or Rocket Lake.

    In case you haven’t heard of Intel’s Project Athena, it’s high time that you do. These devices will be a lineup of ultra-low-power laptops offering premium performance in a slim form factor, just like the ultrabooks, only better. Intel won’t be making them, only certifying them in its Athena labs. Not all notebooks will make the cut, and the ones that do will have to comply with strict requirements such as power efficiency, performance as well as the device dimensions and weight. Athena will mainly include 10nm Ice Lake and Tiger Lake-based ultrabooks and considering th lack of competition, it’s fair to say that they’ll cost quite a bit. Stay tuned for more info on Athena and Intel’s 10nm designs.

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