Intel 10th Gen Desktop Processors: 10 Core/20 Thread Comet Lake-S CPUs Coming in 2020 with LGA 1200 Socket


    After what seems like ages, Intel has finally managed to move down to 10nm process as they released their Ice Lake mobile CPUs. Not on desktops though as it is known for some time now that Intel will continue to use their 14nm process, albeit an advanced one (14nm+++) for their new Comet Lake-S processors.

    Thanks to a Hong Kong-based tech media XFastest, we have some more information about these new CPUs. They managed to get their hands on one of these presentation slides of Comet Lake-S.

    The image indicates that very little has changed in terms of features since 9th Gen Coffee Lake-S except for the addition of a couple of more cores, higher clocks, higher-rated TDP, and a new socket LGA 1200 socket. This marks a shift from the LGA 1151 which has been in use for 4 years now since the introduction of Skylake in 2015. It’s not clear why Intel has decided to move to the new socket with Comet Lake as the architecture hasn’t changed much and at its heart, the Skylake core has been retained.

    9th Gen Coffee Lake-S10th Gen Comet Lake-S
    Core ArchitectureSkylakeSkylake
    SocketLGA 1151LGA 1200
    Chipset300 Series400 Series
    TDPup to 95 Wattup to 125 Watt

    Let’s see how Intel’s flagship 10 core Comet Lake-S part will square off against AMD’s upcoming 16 core monster, the Ryzen 9 3950x.

    10th Gen Coffee Lake-S FlagshipRyzen 9 3950x
    Core ArchitectureSkylakeZen 2
    Clock speedup to 5.2GHzup to 4.7GHz

    To be honest, in the wake of AMD’s 3rd gen Ryzen 3000 processors, Intel’s response in the desktop market appears rather feeble. That expected price drop for the 9th Gen Coffee lake CPUs never materialized either. From what we can tell, not much is going to change. As usual, Intel will most likely continue to perform slightly better in gaming while AMD should lead in multi-threaded tasks. However, it’s highly likely that the 10th Comet Lake desktop lineup will be cheaper than the existing 9th Gen offerings.

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    1. Can i use a 9th gen intel processor with LGA1200 socket?
      Like are the new 10th gen compatible motherboards are backward compatible?

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