Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake-U Mobile CPUs will Have up to 6 Cores/12 Threads @ 4.7GHz


    It’s only a matter of time before Intel’s 10th Gen lineup hits retail. The mobile parts are expected to pop up first, with the 10nm Ice Lake-U chips on one end and Comet Lake-U on the other. As explained in multiple posts leading up to the preset, Ice Lake will be the first architecture from team blue to leverage the much-awaited 10nm process along with the Sunny Cove cores and the Gen11 iGPU. Comet Lake, on the other hand, is just more of the same old. Whiskey Lake (or Coffee Lake if you will) with more threads and higher clocks, courtesy of all those +s on the 14nm process.

    Here, you’ve got the Intel Core i7-10710U, a hex-core chip with twelve threads running at a base clock of 1.61GHz and a boost of 4.67GHz (that’s almost 5GHz!). The cache size has also been beefed up to 12MB of shared L3 cache and 256KB of L2 and 32KB of L1 per core. That’s a significant upgrade over Whiskey Lake. You can expect better single-core as well as multi-core performance on Comet Lake-U powered notebooks though it won’t be anywhere as good as Ice Lake-U. These gains will primarily come from faster operating-clocks and more cache memory and those additional threads per chip. But that also means that they’ll run hotter and draw more power, potentially reducing the time spent at the boost clocks and reducing the battery life unless the OEMs scale the frequencies down.

    It is quite impressive how far Intel has brought its 14nm node. Though not quite as efficient as the competing Zen processors, they still put up an admirable fight, especially in the single-core segment. However, when it comes to value-for-money, the company is still lagging behind AMD.

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