Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake and Ice Lake CPUs to Use Separate Sockets: LGA 1200 & 1221

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There’s growing uncertainty over the release of Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake CPUs for the mainstream desktop market. From what we’ve heard, although the mobile and server processors have started shipping and are being produced on a commercial scale, the same can’t be said for the desktop side of things. We know that the 10th Gen Core lineup from Intel will include the 14nm Comet Lake chips in addition to Ice Lake, but how they’ll both fit into the product stack and the performance/price deltas are still not quite clear. According to some sources on Twitter, Comet Lake and Ice Lake will be using separate sockets, meaning if you buy a motherboard for the former, you won’t be able to use it for the newer 10nm chips.

As you can see from the above memo, Coffee Lake-S and its refresh use the LGA 1151 socket, while Comet Lake-S and Rocket Lake-S (also based on 14nm) will need the newer LGA 1200 platform. There still seems to be uncertainty over whether we’ll see Ice Lake on desktops and when, if at all. Ice Lake U and Y have started shipping and will utilize the BGA 1526, 1344, 1377 and 1044 sockets. In contrast, Coffee Lake and Whiskey Lake mobile platforms relied on the BGA 1528, 1440 and 1528 standards.

Lastly, the Cooper Lake-X lineup will retain the LGA 2066 socket, while the Ice Lake and CLX server processors will adopt a newer LGA 4189 plug. Cooper Lake AP (Datacenter CPUs) and Ice Lake-X (Ice lake-D?) will be upgraded to the newer BGA 5903 and 2579 platforms, respectively.

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Keep in mind that these aren’t final and may change slightly by the time these CPUs hit retail, so take them with a grain of salt.

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