Intel: 10nm Ice Lake U Mobile CPUs in 2019, 10nm Xeon in 2020

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Intel during its Q1 earnings call reaffirmed that the company’s 10nm chips are on track for deployment, later this year for notebooks and mobile platforms and in 2020 for Xeon based server platforms. The company claims that the 10nm CPUs will hit retail shelves in the fourth quarter of 2019 and there won’t be any shortages as initially predicted.

Ice Lake U for Notebooks in Q4 2019

According to Intel, production of the 10nm Ice Lake-U processors for mobile platforms was started in Q1, but they’ll first be stockpiled and then qualified with PC makers in the second quarter of 2019. This will be followed by the sales and shipping of these CPUs in Q3, and finally, the Ice Lake U notebooks should hit retail shelves in the holiday season by December.

Intel: 10nm Ice Lake U

The Intel Ice Lake-U will be a quad-core part based on the Sunny Cove microarchitecture and will feature the much-anticipated Gen11 iGPU (64 EU with LPDDR4X memory controller) that is supposed to be on par with if not faster than the Radeon Vega 10. All this will need a mere 15W of power, courtesy of the 10nm process.

Ice-Lake Based Xeon Server Chips in 2020

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All the 10nm parts fabricated this year will be low-power, mid-range products with only 2-4 cores. The beefier and lucrative Ice Lake-SP server parts won’t see a launch anytime before Q2 2020. The company went on to claim that the 10nm Ice Lake server processors will be available in less than 12 months after the Ice Lake-U products hit the market. The forecast is to expect 10nm Xeons “rather sooner than later” in 2020. This means we’re possibly looking at a Q2 or Q3 launch, but given the kind of delays we’ve seen with Intel’s 10nm process, I wouldn’t be surprised even if they push it to 2021.

Intel: 10nm Ice Lake U

Intel CEO, Bob Swan made it rather clear that the company is expecting to ship more 10nm products than initially anticipated, thanks to the efforts of his teams in Q1, and further expects the rate to increase.

On the [10 nm] process technology front, our teams executed well in Q1 and our velocity is increasing. We remain on track to have volume client systems on shelves for the holiday selling season. And over the past four months, the organization drove a nearly 2X improvement in the rate at which 10nm products move through our factories.

Bob Swan, Intel CEO
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Yesterday, the Dutch website, Tweakers shared what they claim are roadmaps of Intel’s upcoming CPUs in the next two years (both desktop and mobile). These purported roadmaps stated that Intel will be releasing the 10nm Ice Lake chips for notebooks in the latter half of 2019 but will be limited in quantity. The other 10nm parts include the Tiger Lake U CPUs that are speculated to launch in Q2-Q3 of 2020.

On the desktop and server side of things however, things looked even more dismal with Tiger Lake U and Y being the only 10nm chips that too with a TBD label. As far as the Xeon roadmap is concerned, it doesn’t mention any 10nm part till the end of 2021. Then again, it’s possible that this was a relatively older roadmap and Intel might have accelerated its efforts to get the 10nm foundries up and running.

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