Intel 10nm Desktop Processors Coming in 2020-ish


    Intel’s first 10nm processors launched earlier this year in the form of the mobile Ice lake chips bringing significant improvements to the IPC and overall performance. The server parts based on the 10nm node are slated to launch in early 2020, but as far as the mainstream desktop market is concerned, there’s still no word on the release date (if there is one). According to a report from a Canadian publication, ITWorld, Intel will be launching the 10nm desktop processors in 2020.

    However, Intel was quick to reach out to the outlet, clarifying that, “While its 10nm desktop chips are in the works, it has not yet announced a specific timing for its desktop products.

    So what does that mean? From what I can tell, Intel is planning to bring the 10nm node to the desktop space but isn’t quite sure if the plan will come to fruition. From what we already know, the 10nm based Ice Lake chips don’t have encouraging yields. This can be inferred by the relatively higher TDPs and lower clocks that these parts feature.

    Right now we’re building 10 nanometer so the ramp is going very well. We’re happy with the yield we’re having. We’re going full speed with that. We have two fabs and we’re looking to turn on third one

    Denis Gaudreault, Intel Canada country manager

    Intel has been having a tough time in the desktop and HEDT market ever since rival AMD launched its Ryzen 3000 lineup. A high IPC paired with even higher core counts has given team red a clear advantage in the single-socket CPU market. One of the main reasons for AMD’s competitive prices is the chiplet design that negates the issue of low yields with newer nodes. More on that here.

    Intel is expected to launch the Comet Lake-S lineup in the desktop market in the coming months at reduced prices but more or less the same specs as the present Coffee Lake parts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as Intel’s 9th Gen lineup is quite competitive despite having the process disadvantage. In the end, it’ll be the prices that determine who’ll come out on top.

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