Need Recommendations? Instagram Guides is Here!

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Instagram Guides is expanding! Throughout the whole of 2020, social media apps have rolled out a host of features to help users have a better experience using the apps. Instagram, in particular, has also launched a lot of features for its users, all of them to facilitate better user experience.

Instagram Guides is the newest feature by Instagram which will help creators give out recommendations about places, products and many such things. Instagram Guides had been launched in the month of May and this new feature will be an extension of it.

Mental health has been a topic of concern during the ongoing pandemic, as people all across the globe have been dealing with various mental health-related issues. Instagram has, very responsibly, been trying to be there for people who require help in these trying times.

Instagram Guides
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The company has, thus, selected a few organizations who have been allowed to share information and needed resources to help navigate through a crisis by keeping one’s mental health in a better place. Organizations who have expertise on these subjects, such as anxiety and grief, will now be available to share help and resources with people who require it.

Instagram has further allowed a group of creators to get access to this particular feature. These are creators are wellness experts, and they share certain wellness tips with users. Instagram will have a specific tab which will be labelled as “Guides”.  

Helpful content on wellness and mental health is not the only topic which will be available to users at their fingertips. There will be many such contents by experts that shall be available to Instagram users. There will be products and places recommendations by experts too on the “Guides” tab.

Instagram Guides
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These contents will come in the form of pictures, videos and basically anything and everything from the expert’s Instagram gallery. The goal behind Instagram Guides is to ensure that people find relevant content and solutions to their problems on the app itself, without needing to reach out to other platforms for solutions. 

Instagram is now experimenting with the design, look and feel of this feature, which comes with a compose screen. Possibly, there can be a screen which will enable the creators to have many different ways through which they can publish to Instagram’s social network.

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Instagram Guides will have a list which will be presented to the users to choose from different Guide Types. The Guide Types will include different Guides for Places Guide and Products Guide. Places Guides will give one recommendation regarding a place and the Products Guides will have information regarding the concerned products.

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