Inside Story: A Season With Rajasthan Royals Review: Candid and Unfiltered!

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Inside Story: A Season with Rajasthan Royals, a three-part documentary series produced by Red Bull Media House, takes you behind-the-scenes with the franchise through their rollercoaster 2019 IPL season. Premiered on 1st September 2020 on Red Bull TV / App, the docuseries stars Steve Smith, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson, Varun Aaron, and Riyan Parag.

Rajasthan Royals is one of the most loved IPL teams. In Inside Story: A Season with Rajasthan Royals, the team, for the first time, opens the doors to their stadium, training academies, boardrooms, tech hubs, and more for their fans to have a deeper insight into their lives.

The series is not just a conversation about the team’s life, but also delves into the hard work and the feelings they shared back in the 2019 season – when they encountered some poor results brought on by what the fans called bad luck! With the camera crew taking us into their world, unfiltered and unseen, the series is a step closer to the team.

Rajasthan Royals- The Underdogs?

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When I started watching Inside Story: A Season with Rajasthan Royals I realized that there is a lot of positivity and energy that the team follows. The ideology that RR follows is something that makes winning an important part, yes. But interpersonal growth is also an important aspect of their team strategy and when the aim is not just professional, wonders happen.

In times where every team aims for stars of the field, RR aims at bringing homegrown talent to the field and providing them with both opportunity and growth which is genuinely inspiring. Not even once, while watching the docuseries, I felt that there was a sense of superiority in the team. The team moves with utmost trust, unity, and equality and that is as inspiring as it gets.

The 2019 IPL season wasn’t exactly the best of the team as they ended up on the 7th out of 8 in the league standings! But the 2019 series had its own fair share of drama and hard work and the way RR dealt with every change and loss is flawless. What I really appreciate about RR after watching this docuseries is the constant endeavor of the team to build a world for homegrown talents.

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Moreover, the team tries to bring equal opportunity for players of both genders on the ground and straight-up breaks away from the unfair patriarchal norms.
Talking about the documentary, the 2019 RR’s gem and new talent Riyan Parag said, “In the last IPL season, I admire how Smudge (Smith) backed all the bowlers, especially young players like me. He is a great leader and I enjoyed playing under him. It also feels amazing that Red Bull was continuously following me during the IPL and look forward to continuous support from them in the future too.” 

Stream It or Skip It

Ben Stokes

Stream It! The 3-episodes-long docuseries, which accounts for 75 minutes, is amazingly drawn and gives you an insight in the RR teams and everything a fan would want to know and even the functioning details we didn’t know existed.

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Rajasthan Royals may not always appear as winners on the field, but winning and losing is the part of the game, right? But in the wider scheme of things, the team has time and again made everyone proud with their constant effort to bring good to the game. All in all, Inside Story: A Season With Rajasthan Royals is one stream worthy docuseries, no matter how big or small of a fan you are!

Inside Story: A Season With Rajasthan Royals is now streaming on Red Bull TV.

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