Injustice: Gods Among Us is Free on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Yes, you read that right. Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios are giving away the Ultimate Edition of the DC Universe fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, on all major platforms. Just make sure to add it to your library before 25th June 2020, and it’s yours to keep.

PC players can grab their copies from Steam. It may still show up as paid in some countries, in that case check back in a couple of hours. WB seems to be making it free one by one region-wise, so you might have to wait for a while. As of India and US, it’s up for grabs.

For Xbox One, or even the 360, you can just add it from the console. Or if you wanna add it from your PC, here’s the Marketplace link. PS3 and PS4 players go to the PlayStation Store.

About the game

Injustice is Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios’s crossover brawler set in the DC Universe, including fan-favourite superheroes and villains like Aquaman, Doomsday, Joker, Shazam, Flash, Green Arrow, and even our beloved Batman and Superman going toe-to-toe.

The story mode is a pleasant surprise, but the real reason to play is the thrill of harnessing the god-like powers of some of the most overwhelming figures in the comic realm.

The game came out 7 years ago to not-too-amazing, but decent reviews. It currently has over 11k reviews on Steam, with a 85% positive rating. It’s not a bad game by any means though. Can’t complaint for a free game, after all.

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