Indians are Taking Gambling to the Online Mobile Platforms

    Online Gambling
    Online Gambling

    As India continues its drive towards becoming a world economic power, the nation has quickly learned to embrace new technologies. One of the new technologies that Indian gambling enthusiasts are learning is to embrace it on the online mobile platform.

    It is important to point out that the laws about online gambling in India are quite unclear. While the Public Gambling Act of 1867 has forbidden all of its varied forms for over 150 years, there have been subsequent laws passed as special carve-outs for its specific forms, namely poker and rummy. At no point has any law specifically addressed online gambling as being either legal or illegal.

    What is known is this – India’s law enforcement makes no effort to stop enthusiasts from visiting online gambling sites operating in the UK. Many of the sites available to India’s gambling population can be found at onlinecasino-india. With millions of Indian gamblers who enjoy betting on sports and casino games (Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Video slots) using one of the UK’s favourite online gambling websites, it has provided a substantial boost to the UK’s collective online revenue for the same.

    Mobile Gambling

    For the benefit of gamblers in India, it’s worth noting that many of the UK’s best online operators are proud to provide customers with mobile access to either an enhanced online casino website or a designated mobile app that gamblers can download for free at websites like Google Play or Apple App Store.

    In a nation where many more people own mobile phones than those who own computers, having access to mobile gambling sites is of great benefit.

    The mobile gambling industry has been growing at an amazing 10% or more each year based on both participation and resulting revenue. With over 50% of the UK online gambling community now using mobile apps to gamble on the go, Indian gamblers should feel secure that this is the way for them to enjoy gambling wherever and whenever they want.

    With literally hundreds of mobile gambling sites to choose from, Indian gamblers would be well served to focus on mobile app providers that accept rupees as a viable currency for the sport. That is a clear indication that a given operator is very willing to accept any and all enthusiasts from India.

    Mobile Gambling

    Gamblers from India should also be searching for mobile operators that are looking to the future. Right now, the online gambling industry is starting to promote Virtual Reality (VR) casinos and video slots. There has also been a lot of growth for online casinos that offer live dealer options from software providers like Evolution Gaming and Netent. There is no reason a gambler from India should settle for anything less than having access to the latest and greatest technologies.

    Finally, there is little point in an online Indian gambler choosing mobile gambling apps that don’t provide access to really nice bonus promotions. With the industry at the heights of its competitiveness, gamblers from India are deserving of bonuses that give them a little extra value for investing their hard-earned money.

    As many Indian online gamblers are learning, this is a great way to enjoy a few hours of online adult entertainment. Until India’s government states otherwise, the people of India should feel free to participate.

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