Apple Users’ In-App Purchases and Subscriptions can Now be Shared with Family Members Using the iCloud Family Sharing Feature

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    Family Sharing currently available for iOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur only

    The iCloud Family Sharing feature that was announced by Apple at this year’s WWDC event earlier in June has finally started rolling out to Apple users. This feature allows Apple users to share their in-app purchases and subscriptions with their family members. It is currently limited to iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur developers and users.

    To be able to share subscriptions and in-app purchases, the users must first enable the Family Sharing feature. For this, head to Settings > Apple ID > Family Sharing. You can add family members under this tab using their valid Apple IDs. The subscriptions that are shared among the members can be viewed here. These include Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. All the members in the Family Sharing will automatically get access to use these apps on their accounts and devices, without doing anything from their side. After adding the family members, you must head to the Subscriptions tab in the Apple ID menu and toggle Share New Subscription. This will share the eligible subscriptions to the family members.

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    Not all apps will support Family Sharing

    It is also worth pointing out that not all apps will be supporting this feature. The developers will have to manually enable Family Sharing feature in the App Store Connect Portal, according to a tweet by app developer Steve Harris.

    This may mean that video streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video might decide to not enable such a feature. Apple has also not announced the availability of this feature on older versions of iOS and macOS.

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