Netflix’s ‘Immigration Nation’ Review: An Important and Indispensable Watch

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Netflix‘s Immigration Nation deals with immigration policies and how vile they can be. This docu-series takes the audience into the show by providing some harrowing glimpses of the U.S. immigration policies. The internal functioning of the immigration department has also been showcased in this docu-series, although the major focus has been on U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Immigration Nation, in particular, was reported to have locked horns with the Trump administration, which then tried to meddle with the docu-series by attempting to censor certain important portions of it. It is, thus, imperative that one educates themselves about the immigration policies of the U.S. since there is a high chance of the show going off-air.

The world knows that America has fought the Trump administration on its unfair immigration policies. Undocumented immigrants have been deported and that has instilled fear and anxiousness in the minds of the people. The ICE has made unnecessary arrests and has separated countless family members because of the lack of documentation.

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The docu-series has six episodes and each episode highlights different issues and shows how bias works well within the whole system. Through this docu-series, the current situation, even during the pandemic, has been shown and to no one’s surprise, the policies have only become more rigid and restrictive, to say the least. 

Watch Immigration Nation for the important facts that we all need to know! 

Under Trump’s administration, the agency that is responsible for deportation and arrests has only grown. The deportations might not show too much of a hike in number but the arrests of these undocumented immigrants have substantially gone up by a 42%. This prominent increase in arrests made has gone up within just the first eight months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Through Immigration Nation, the directors have tried to educate the mass about how immigration detainees are being held in confinement more and more with each passing day. It is horrifying and acutely distressing to watch the immigrants go through such atrocities. It also helps you to look at your privileged existence and engage in a narrative around this horror! 

With each episode, you learn and unlearn…

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Unlearning is an important aspect of learning something. This means you are willing to reeducate yourself and embrace the reality for what it genuinely is. Through Immigration Nation you could expect to do some unlearning and, in the process, learn quite a bit about the immigration policies of America.

From the first episode itself, one sees how the ICE just solely aims at “installing fear” in the minds of these immigrants. The ICE expanded with almost 10,000 new recruiters being trained for the purpose of detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. This docu-series also takes you through the lives of these immigrants who speak from their very own experiences and it is nothing short of a nightmare.

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An elderly asylum-seeker detained for escaping gang violence because out of no choice; a former cop in El Salvador who had collaborated with the NYPD and fled to America as he was scared to death for his life. 

Such cases have also lead to deportation so now you really know what we are talking about and if at all this has any good in it. War veterans have been subjected to situations where the immigration status has been forcefully stripped off them.

From parents being separated from their children to immigrants crying with chains wrapped around them, Immigration Nation is a must watch and speaks volumes about a narrative that should not get lost in any way. 

Might not be a very objective take at best but still worth each minute! 

The directors, however, have not been very objective with Immigration Nation. It is not a show that shows all sides of the immigration policies objectively from all possible angles. This hits hard for those people who sympathise with immigrants differently but apart from flaws here and there, it is pretty powerful docu-series that everybody must watch. 

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Immigration Nation is a docu-series which takes you deep into how flawed and brutal the immigration policies are in the US but is not an objective take on the same!
Anushmita Samal
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  1. This Production is about the global elitists trying to eliminate a free world. They use the US as a guise to hide behind while putting their one world order into place. Reminds of Austin Powers aka Mr. Evil wanting to rule the world. It is easy to see through their hidden agenda and brainwashing of people through fear factoring to gain this control and destroy humanity except for themselves. The greed factor in cutting out the free world under a Marxist type system Is easily depicted in this series. Trump Is a hero unfairly being targeted and anyone who cannot see what this show is doing has obviously already been brainwashed. Gross, evil, fear mongering doesn’t make for good tv. Don’t waste your time…. go live life and don’t worry, be happy! Be kind & always put God first & then you’re golden!


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