Huawei Freebuds, an Airpod look-alike you can get in black


Huawei recently unveiled their P20 range of smartphones and along with it also launched some new accessories which include a pair of very distinctive and familiar looking earphones. I say so because the design really takes after the Apple Airpods and yes I do mean to say that they really are as ugly.

Huawei calls them the ‘Freebuds’ and as far as looks go, a casual observer would be hard pressed to differentiate them from the airpods, if not for the fact that these are available to you in black.

As far as actual performance goes, all we know up to this point is that the Freebuds last almost twice as much as the airpods which are close to 10 hours of playback after a single charge as opposed to the airpod’s 5 hours. The charging case offers a horizontal design, which is another difference from the airpod.

Huawei FreebudsThe Freebuds cost €159 and according to Huawei, their in-ear design offers better noise cancellation than the airpods but at this point, it’s just hearsay until some tests are performed.

The reveal came with the removal of the headphone jack in their latest flagship range by Huawei. Alongside the freebuds, Huwaei also launched other accessories including Active Noise Cancellation Earphones,  The Moonlight Selfie Stick, and the Band 2 Pro.

The Chinese smartphone giant announced the freebuds at an extravagant Paris event. These freebuds will cost 159 Euros, which is the same price as the AirPods in Europe. The FreeBuds will be available in the two standard colors, white and black.

While the airpods remains the most convenient wireless earphones as of now, it is to be seen whether that remains the same with more and more innovations and products coming every day. it will definitely be a close race though.

If you are interested in a review of the Huawei P20 flagship, ours will be up shortly. In the meantime, have a look at what BBC has to say about. They claim the smartphone can see in the dark.

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