Huawei to Unveil a Cheaper Foldable Device This Year


    Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is planning to launch an affordable foldable smartphone later this year.

    According to Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Huawei will release an affordable foldable phone alongside flagship Mate 40 series this fall, reports GizmoChina.

    Young revealed this information during an interview on YouTube that the company is working on an inward-bending smartphone, which is different from Huawei’s two previously released foldable phones, the Mate X and Mate Xs.


    “We expect to see Huawei pursue both a clamshell and in-folding model, and we think they are struggling to come up with an ultra-thin glass solution right now for the clamshell. But we do expect them to do an in-folding model later this year, and be pretty aggressively priced,” said Young.

    The company is expected to launch its next foldable device sometime in September or October 2020.

    Huawei recently filed a new patent for a foldable smartphone with a zoom lens.

    The patent smartphone has a quad camera module similar to the Mate Xs but also features a zoom lens for magnified shots this time around.

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