How Long Can the Earth Sustain Life Before it Fades into Oblivion

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Right now, we may be living a rich bratty teenager life on Earth, albeit with little guilt, but this won’t go on forever. We talked about the end of universe here, but how long do we have here? The answer is : Not very long. Life will be wiped out eventually, no question in that. The real worry is, how long? Is our existence a ticking time bomb, or is it a slow death. Probabilistically speaking, any of those two can happen. Fate, huh.

There are many apocalypses waiting to happen. There could be a volcanic eruption everywhere at the same time tomorrow and bam! death. Some 100 million years later, there may come a time when the core of the earth freezes. This would render Earth cold and barren just like Mars. Ahem. Just saying. All that is sparkles and sunshine, but what is the longest we have. The answer lies, in well, sunshine.

earth oceans dying
See that calm deep blue serene ocean? Kiss it Goodbye. 

Every billion years later, the sun’s brightness increases by 10%. Now this may not seem like a lot, but here’s the deal: It is enough to suck the life out of Earth and make it look like nothing ever happened here on Earth. 10% brightness means Earth would no longer be in the habitable zone. All the shenanigans with mother nature, space race, zombie apocalypse from year 20030 AD, never happened. Nada. Some Smooth killer Sun is. 

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Sun will eventually be hot enough to evaporate the oceans off of Earth and make it one giant greenhouse. That’s like the mother of all greenhouses and global warming on a solar system scale. Sun god pulls one up over us. Earth would be so hot, it wouldn’t be able to hold on to water. As more and more oceans evaporate, atmosphere would be holding onto water at a very high temperature. It is going to be bombarded by high energy sun light. This would cause whatever was left of water to escape as Hydrogen and Oxygen. However, some hard*** microorganisms may still escape the wrath by just being very resilient but what happens next, is something even they must have not seen coming. 

earth facts
Well, at least we got Mars, right Elon?

A couple billion years later, the sun begins to expand into a red giant. When it becomes a red giant, It’s surface would be where Earth begins. The expanding Sun would engulf Earth completely since it won’t move over.

So, you could die of malaria, ebola, asteroid collision and it would be a quick death or you could just wait 7.5 billion years and let the sun suck life out of you, choice is yours (not really no, it isn’t). Tell us what you think it is going to be!

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