How A Good Night’s Sleep Can Reduce Risk Of Cancer

    how sleep is important for your body

    Even though we know the repetitive ‘A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book’, we fail to realise the bigger picture. Getting a good night’s sleep is as essential as food and water but somehow these words just remain stagnant and people can’t follow simple actions to improve their quality of life; owing to their hectic schedules.

    Due to the rapid growth of technology, we are immersed in a world beyond the interest of our health and subsequently push our body to its extreme resulting in little to no nap time. The most worrisome issue that attacks your body first due to sleep deprivation is obesity. Obesity is usually just the beginning. Research and studies on sleep deprivation will never end as long as its complexity isn’t simplified.

    The problems associated to diabetes caused by lack of sleep.
    How diabetes can accelerate in young generation due to lack of sleep

    According to some research and observed patterns, sleep affects all the tissues and every part of the body in mysterious ways. Disturbing the circadian cycle which is your biological clock is more dangerous than you can imagine; the worst case is that of induced cancer. But it isn’t that well known amongst the ambitious pool of people. Unfortunately, early onset of non-congenital diseases helps them realise this bitter truth.

    How sleep controls everything:

    Everyone knows that diabetes is a silent killer. What they don’t know is that sleep deprivation has been traced back to almost every Type 2 patient. It holds several strings of our body together and its disruption leads to a severe imbalance in bodily functions. It directly affects blood pressure, sugar levels, muscle ageing and balance of neurotransmitters.

    Though some of the diseases name their cause to be hereditary, sleep is one of the things that is accountable for their acceleration. And that is not all.

    Apart from the long term chronic illnesses, there is a range of associated symptoms too. Depression is often linked to this problem and evidently, it adversely affects your mental and social health. Bottom line is that apart from more popular health control methods such as gymming and diet control, sleep is just as much as important if not more. 

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