Smartphone gaming has come a long way since its humble beginnings on the iPhone. Today, we’ve got smartphones to run games like PUBG and GTA. However, the smartphone gaming experience isn’t really that neat. We’ve had some companies unveil phones to meet that demand, but none of them have really tackled the main issue at hand. That’s where Honor and their new GPU Turbo technology comes in.

The Honor Play
The Honor Play

Honor announced today that they’ve figured out a way to boost mobile GPU performance. While that may seem like a casual thing to say as smartphones improve over generations, this one’s pretty neat. They claim that with this new Turbo Boost, onboard graphics efficiency can increase up to 60% while reducing the impending SoC power consumption by 30%. This is a pretty hefty increase when it comes to mobile gaming.

ROG Phone by Asus, to be beaten by Honor?
ROG Phone by Asus, to be beaten by Honor?

Just recently we’ve seen a major shift towards smartphone gaming being a focus for OEMs. Companies like Razer and Xiomi have tried to market their products to the gaming community for quite a while now. Even Asus has joined in!

Huawei, the offline brand for Honor, clarified the process they employed in achieving this feat. They reconstructed the internal graphics framework entirely. Similar to Intel’s turbo boost technology, it kicks in when it detects anything that may require more horsepower to run. With this, Honor also claims that they will be able to bring HDR level quality to gaming on lower-tier smartphones. On a bold claim, they also mentioned how it can increase mid-range Honor smartphones’ single-threaded performance to beat multi-threaded GPU performance of other competing flagships.

PUBG on mobile. Can Honor do it better?
Basically, better PUBG mobile experience from Honor.

Whether this announcement will have any real-world impact, we’ve yet to see. Honor says that their new phones, The Honor Play, will be the first to have this technology built in natively. Along with, or rather because of GPU Turbo, the phone will also be able to handle 4D gaming. The company claims that in their benchmarks the smartphone beat other flagships by a long mile. We’ll just have to wait and see if this turns out.

As for whether this will give us the ultimate PUBG mobile experience, we’ll keep you posted.

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