Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Pedestal Fan


    Do you know the first electric fan was not a ceiling fan? Yes, the first electric fan was a table fan and it was soon followed by electric ceiling fans. Pedestal fans that are somewhat similar to table fans (in terms of ease of portability, oscillation feature, energy efficiency) came much later. But ever since their introduction they have been a hit among fan buyers. And that’s because these fans provide a lot of benefits that ceiling fans don’t. 

    So what are the benefits of having a pedestal fan?

    Before we discuss the factors that you must keep in mind when buying a pedestal fan, let us tell you why pedestal fans are a great buy.  Pedestal fans also referred to as stand-up fans, are electric, oscillating fans that are an ideal fit for areas that experience hot and humid climates.  They are a common sight in home and office spaces where ceiling fans are either not very effective or in spaces such as gardens and balconies where installing a ceiling fan is not viable. The good thing is that these fans are highly portable and lightweight which means you can easily move them from one place to another.

    Besides that pedestal fans come with a unique oscillation feature that allows them to throw air to all corners of the room. Some pedestal fans come with a special height-adjustable/detachable stand that allows users to vary the height of the fan. And the best part is these fans consume very less energy but still have a high air delivery rate.  

    Ready to buy one? Here’s what you should keep in mind 

    1. Opt for an energy-efficient pedestal fan

    As the electricity rates have skyrocketed over the years, it’s necessary to invest in a fan that consumes less power. When purchasing a pedestal fan, make sure you compare different models based on power consumption. This will help you reduce your energy bills.

    2. Make sure you choose the right sweep size

    A blunder that most people make when buying a pedestal fan is that they don’t pay attention to the sweep size. The sweep size, also known as the blade span or blade sweep, is the diameter of the circle formed when the fan is set in motion. It determines the air delivery of the fan. When you purchase the right sweep size, you get better airflow and cooling. 

    3. Purchase a Lightweight Fan For Easy Portability 

    Portability is one of the many reasons why people purchase a pedestal fan. The fan should not be heavy or bulky. This way you can move it from one place to another with ease. Thus, opt for a lightweight and durable pedestal fan. Also, if possible, select a pedestal fan with plastic blades as they are lighter in weight as compared to metal blade fans.

    4. Compare fans on the basis of fan speed 

    Selecting the right fan speed is important as it determines the air delivery rate. Based upon the speed, fans are of two types: High Speed and Normal Speed. The speed of a fan is determined in RPM (Rotations Per Minute). More the RPM, the higher the air delivery. Make sure you check the different fan speeds as well. Besides, go for aerodynamically designed blades. They provide uniform, high volume airflow with low power consumption. 

    5. Check Other Factors 

    It’s crucial to look for when purchasing a pedestal fan. Check the material – as it directly affects the fan’s durability. Besides, make sure the fan doesn’t make unusual-wobbly noises when set in motion. There’s a prevalent myth that fans with higher air delivery make noises. Technology has improved over the years – and there are fans available that provide adequate airflow without making a noise. 

    6. Set a Budget 

    It’s always important to have your budget set when choosing a pedestal fan. But don’t buy a fan just because it’s cheap. To reap the benefits of the outstanding features, it’s okay to spend a little more.

    7. Select a Brand with Good After-sales Support 

    Make sure you choose a reputable brand that provides excellent after-sales service. This will save you money and frustration later down the line.

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