Halo Infinite Second Multiplayer Technical Preview To Start From This Thursday

    Halo Infinite

    One of the most exciting games of this year is Halo Infinite; even after getting delayed multiple times, Halo Fans have been waiting for a very long time to enjoy this game. So to give Halo fans a preview of what one could expect from Halo Infinite, 343 started releasing Multiplayer Technical Previews for Halo Insiders. The first one happened a few weeks back, and now the users who opted for becoming a Halo Insider have started to receive emails regarding the second test preview.

    Halo Infinite

    Halo Insiders who already applied for the Technical Preview has received an email that reads, “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to participate in the upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview this weekend, September 23-26, and next weekend, September 30 – October 3! This email is to confirm your selection and inform you that you will receive all the details for this first weekend, including instructions on how to download your pre-release build, in the next few days via email and Waypoint message.”

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    Like before, this Halo Infinite Preview will also feature 4v4 arenas, introducing a new map and going beyond Slayer to open up objective modes. Although, from September 30, the second test weekend will also introduce 12v12 Big Team Battles, which means we’d finally get to see vehicles into Infinite’s chaotic sandbox. 

    If you missed the chance to register to become a Halo Insider, then you need not worry, as you can do that by going to the official HaloWayPoint website. There is already a Steam page listed for this game, which means Windows gamers could buy it via Steam and not have to buy it through the Microsoft Store. 

    Furthermore, 343 has also made some key changes to Big Team Battle this time around. Rather than every vehicle is available from the out, they have said that more powerful vehicles like aircraft and tanks won’t spawn at match start. So, this means they would arrive later in the round. 

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