Nvidia’s 10-series GPUs have nearly completed their tenure of 2 years and recently we’ve been seeing a lot of leaks surrounding the next generation. Up until now we were only hearing speculations and rumours about the GTX 1180 and the GTX 1170, with no citations. Well not anymore.

According to industry sources who spoke with Igor Wallossek from Tom’s Hardware, on condition of anonymity, we expect a July release of the GTX 1180 and other GPU’s Founder’s edition cards with third-party cards showing up later around August or September. Mobile editions of the GPUs are expected to come in the fourth quarter of the year.

There has been quite a conflict between the naming of this generation. Some say it’ll be the more obvious GTX 1180, while others say it could be called the GTX 2080 if Nvidia wants to imply that the new cards are 10 generations ahead of the current ones.

The sources haven’t shared any technical specifications but earlier in April, Wccftech (which isn’t considered a very reliable source) had shared that the 1180 could have 3,584 CUDA cores, a clock speed of 1.6 to 1.8-GHz and 8 to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The site also claimed that the card would have a TDP of 170 to 200 watts.


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