GPU Powered startups Showcased at Nvidia GTC


    Nvidia’s GTC event is a major platform for showcasing the power of GPUs for purposes other than gaming. This year, eight startups were showcased through the Nvidia Inception program that leverage the power of AI.

    Nvidia GTC

    Nvidia Inception program aims to accelerate the growth of startups by enabling the members with NVIDIA GPU discounts, technical guidance and business networking opportunities.

    Here are the eight startups that made the cut this year:


    This San Francisco based startup retrofits manned ships with autonomous technologies to improve safety, security for sailors. Sonar uses Nvidia GPUs for sonar, radar, GPS and AIS, a ship-to-ship tracking system which helps develop autonomous perception, navigation, and control systems for cargo ships.


    This is the world’s largest sneaker marketplace which uses AI to authenticate shoe listings. The company just landed $100M in funding and is growing at a phenomenal rate since its inception is 2015.


    This is a platform that delivers high quality translations to bring products and services to new countries. Based in San Francisco, Lilt provides hybrid human-machine pipeline and allows users to translate each line of text from one language to another.


    BabbleLabs utilizes the power of neural networks, DSP and speech science to provide enhanced speech quality, accuracy and personalization. The Clear Cloud API developed by the startup is trained on Nvidia GPUs to offer noise reduction and automatic speech enhancement.


    This startup aims to develop detailed maps for cities, geo-spatial areas, and automotive with the help of computer vision. Independent and on-demand service by this startup makes it stand out among the others.


    This startup focuses on building precision navigation for drones which finds its application in industrial inspection and indoor navigation with GPS. They have an impressive demo of their precision on the website.

    VYASA Analytics

    VYASA Analytics uses Nvidia GPUs to accelerate Deep Learning software to help the pharmaceutical industry advance R&D. With their proprietary Neural Concept Recognition technology, Cortex can identify concepts of siloed data without having to reformat warehousing efforts.


    Last but not least, this startup capitalizes the power of AI for real-time data analysis. This active analysis benefits custom applications tailor-made for businesses and is informed by historical information, machine learning for predictive analysis.


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