Disney theme parks now on Google Street View

    Get up close to the famous castle without leaving your couch


    Google last year revamped its Street View to make it more slick. Now it has gone a step further and incorporated all of Disney’s US theme parks into Google Street View. Users can explore 11 Disney parks parks, getting a first person glimpse of all its castles, rides and attractions, including the Avatar-themed world of Pandora.

    Street View allows users to virtually view and walk around almost all of the park’s attractions and rides. It’s a cheap and convenient way to see how the major attractions around the world look like in person. With a coverage extending from the US, to Asia and even Antarctica, it has an unbelievable coverage.

    However, as you might have guessed, this has caused privacy concerns, in places like Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Google was fined in Germany and France in 2011 and 2013, respectively. This was in connection to the collection of personal data. The company termed it as unintentional, saying it was mapping WiFi locations with Street View vehicles.

    While many privacy concerns haven’t been raised in the East, there’s limited or no coverage in developing countries of Africa and Asia. Street View began as a research project at Stanford University before Google acquired it and officially launched the street-level photography 2007. Till 2012, it had covered more than 5 million miles via vehicles and photographers.

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