Reply can work with third party apps and even put your phone on mute while you're driving to avoid distractions.

Google is developing a new AI-based messaging technology for Android dubbed Google Reply.This application suggests automatic replies for messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter and slack.

Google Reply

It acts like a messaging bot which imitates how you would respond based on your conversation patterns on messaging apps. Google Reply streamlines messaging by giving users a series of options in the notification for those messages. It’s similar to the automatic email responses that Google introduces in Gmail inbox or Allo.

Google Reply works with all messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger, and is not limited to Google Allo or Hangouts.

The responses are customized based on different scenarios, and there are automatic replies for when you are driving, running, or just too busy to care. For a simple yes or no question, or any other, the feature will also use its AI-based smarts for more complex queries.

Google’s Reply app is shaping up to be the messaging assistant of my dreams

According to Android Police, Google’s Area 120 group (which develops experimental projects) is managing Google Reply invitations, and promoted the app with this message:

“You probably get a lot of chat messages. And you want to be there for people, but also for people in the real world. What if replying were literally one tap away?
Google Reply puts the Smart Reply you may know from Google right into notifications from the chat apps you use most often.”

There is an option to select between your work and home address for custom replies, so that the app will know where you are, and based on the same, it will suggest replies appropriately. You can add different modes such as ‘Vacation responder’ or ‘Urgent Sound’ so the app can detect tones from incoming messages and know how to respond to them. Based on your phone’s accelerometer, Google Reply can also tell if you’re in a vehicle or biking and can auto respond appropriately. It can also suggest ‘Hinglish’ texts. This app works best for short responses and there are usually three reply options to select from. It is currently in its beta testing phase and google will add more features.

Google Reply in notifications works on the same lines.

Google is getting ahead of the competition, so it’ll be exciting to see if rivals build their own AI-powered tools for the job, or if Reply will be around for a while and continue to evolve.

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