Google Pixel Fold is a “Real Thing”, Might Come Later This Year

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After Samsung, Moto and Huawei, Google is planning to foray into the foldable segments, and the first Google Pixel Fold will become a reality sooner than you expected. This comes from the infamous Jon Prosser, who shared a tweet saying, “the google pixel fold is a ‘real thing.'”

DSCC analyst Ross Young later corroborated Prosser’s claim. In reply to Prosser’s tweet, Young said, “Yep, tweeted this over 2 months ago. Specs, timing, etc. in our Q4’20 Foldable Report.”.

In December 2020, Young reported several foldable smartphones would be launching in the second half of 2021. The roaster includes at least three foldable from Samsung, four from the Chinese OEMs, including Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, while Google will be launching one foldable smartphone.

Pixel Fold: How real is it?

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Apart from Prosser’s and Young’s tweets, a recent report from the South Korean publication TheElec also suggests that Google is working on a foldable smartphone, and if things go as planned, the Pixel Fold might hit the shelves by the end of this year.

Google Pixel Fold

According to The Elec’s report, Samsung is manufacturing in-folding OLED panels for Google. These panels will measure 7.6-inches diagonally when unfolded, but there’s no idea about how big the Pixel Fold will be when folded.

In 2019, Mario Queiroz, former VP of product management at Google, said that Google was “prototyping the technology” when asked about folding phones during an interview with CNet. Then, 9to5Google discovered some internal documents revealing a foldable device called ‘Passport.’

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We still don’t know about Google’s foldable’s specifications or how it turns out to be. We know one thing for sure: if Google succeeds in launching this foldable this year, it might beat Apple to the punch. For that unaware, Apple is expected to launch a folding iPhone in 2022.

We expect it to be unwrapped in the coming weeks as the second half nears. Stay tuned till then.

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