Google Pay Will Bring NFC-Powered Payments to India soon

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Google Pay is launching another update in India. It is reportedly bringing NFC-powered payments for users in India. In this new feature of NFC-based payments, the users have to link their credit and debit cards which are NFC-powered to the bank account, through which they can conduct their transactions.

Google Pay-ves the way for NFC Payments

Google, thus, will now be able to roll out token payment cards, a feature which was launched by Google Pay last year itself. This feature was supposed to be made available for VISA cards, but it did not make it to the customers even though it was announced almost a year ago.

This feature will be made available for both credit and debit card holders. The users just need to provide the OTP they will receive from their bank which will then help them add the card to their Google Pay account. Once the account is added, this feature is activated through a tap and pay feature on the Google Pay app.

Google Pay
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This Tap and Pay functionality will then allow the users to successfully use the NFC-based payments using their mobile phones which have Google Pay installed. It was also reported that this feature was apparently available for a limited number of users but the update will be launched for broader use. 

To know more about the feature, you can choose to visit the Google Pay app. There is also a support page which has been created to address the queries of the users. On Google Pay, one needs to open the setting page and then click on the Payment Methods to read the information regarding the NFC-powered payments.

Some additional information about the NFC Payments that users need to bear in mind is that not all credit and debit card users will be able to access this feature. Currently, only the VISA cardholders from Axis Bank and State Bank of India (SBI) will have this feature at their disposal. 

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We started rolling out tokenised cards earlier this year on Google Pay, which helps users make debit or credit card payments through a secure token attached to their phone which makes it more secure and thereby keeps their card details safe. It is also much more user friendly. For example, you can tap-to-pay on NFC-enabled POS terminals or make online payments without getting redirected to 3D secure sites. We are rolling this out for users of Visa cards on Axis Bank and SBI credit cards, with more issuers coming soon,” said Sajith Sivanandan, Business Head, Google Pay and Next Billion Users initiatives, India.

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