Top Tier Google One Plan Now Includes a Complimentary VPN Subscription ($9.99/Month)

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Google, today, introduced a new ‘feature drop’ to its top of the line Google One Plan, which now includes a complimentary VPN subscription. This just made the $9.99 per month 2TB plan a whole lot better. Everyone in your Google family will get access to the VPN, and yes, Google doesn’t track or take logs of the VPN so others in your family won’t be able to see what you do with it. Obviously, plans that cost upwards of $10 a month also get this benefit.

‘VPN by Google One’

VPN by Google One: There’s some catch

The VPN add-on is currently available on for Android users in the United States, with iOS, Windows and macOS support coming soon. There’s no word on Linux support as of now. Google says it will roll-out the VPN to more countries in the coming weeks (nothing specifically mentioned about India).

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Google says that it has already ‘built advanced security into all its products’, and the VPN extends that security. It encrypts all the device’s traffic, irrespective of the task being done. The VPN is built right into the Google One app, so you can connect to the VPN server just with one tap.

There’s no country (or server) selection in the VPN section, as of now. It’s a fairly straightforward button to connect to the server, and get going, kinda like Cloudflare WARP’s VPN.

At $9.99 a month or $99 a year, Google One is a compelling option for those looking for a reliable VPN in the market. Not only it gets you a VPN subscription, but it also bags you 2TB of storage (across Google Drive, Photos, Mail and everything), that every other VPN provider lacks, so that you can store all your photos online in original quality.

Pro Sessions by Google One

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Google also announced Pro Sessions, its online customer support. With Pro Sessions, you’ll be able to learn more about Google VPN by a one-to-one online session with Google expert.

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