Google One Will Now Offer Backup on Android and iOS Devices For Free!

    Google one

    Google One just received a new update that just came in with a subscription program that will help create back up on both Android and iOS devices. In this new feature, a backup of 15GB will be available on Android and iOS devices for absolutely free.

    In this Google One subscription users are provided with a program that basically is responsible to provide expanded storage services along with letting users share storage with people they wish to. This membership also provides support incase your storage service is acting up by providing live support. The membership comes with benefits like Google Play credits and Google Store member rewards. It’s great to see free storage options like these when Google recently disabled image backups from social media folders.

    Google one membership also offers more storage if one needs it, there are plans that these users can upgrade from within the app itself. Those who need more storage and want the full Google One experience can upgrade to membership from within the app. Users can get this additional storage upgrade that they need at a price that starts at $1.99 which is around INR 150. This membership lets users share their accounts with as many as five people.

    Google One Backup

    “To bring this peace of mind to more people, we’re making some Google One features — phone backup and a new storage manager tool-free for Google users wherever Google One is available.”

    You can back up your devices and clean up your files across Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail — all in the new Google One app for Android and iOS,” Larissa Fontaine, Director of Google One, mentioned in her statement.

    Paid members have already got access to this updated feature on Android last year, through this feature users can store texts, contacts, apps, photos, and videos in the Google cloud. These “free” backups are now accessible by users of Android but iOS users will get their hands on this feature once the Google One app is launched for iOS soon enough!  

    Google One’s update is bringing in a new storage manager tool which basically lets users delete files and backups whenever they wish to. Through features like this Google is trying to bring in more people to use its storage services on their platform.

    Google has capitalized on this feature considering a limit of 15GB is fairly easy to use up and for users to shell out. It is just about 150 rupees is are not a huge expense considering the major upgrade in storage that is being offered which is 100GB more to be exact.

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