Google Maps is a Lot More Detailed and Colourful Now

    Google Maps

    Google Maps is our answer to not being able to locate a particular place most of the time. Now, Google Maps is getting a change in its design. This redesign is being done with an aim to help users understand the difference between different features in nature, adding distinctive features for better understanding and a clearer view.

    These little changes in designs and the UI will make it easier to navigate through the app. Google Maps has said that the redesigned version of the app will be made available for 220 countries and territories.

    Google has said that the change in design will be made available to even rural areas and small towns so that it benefits all users. The update will roll out from this week itself according to Google. The street maps from different places will also be expected to get this change in design.

    With a new colour-mapping algorithmic technique, we’re able to take this imagery and translate it into an even more comprehensive, vibrant map of an area at a global scale, mentions Google. New York, San Francisco, and London will now soon be able to have features to differentiate themselves.

    There will be great detail involved in showing the streets, sidewalks, roadways and crosswalks, along with the presence of pedestrian islands. Very soon, through this update on Google Maps, these streets or particular location can be scaled by a user for better findability and visibility on the app.

    Google Maps

    Google has even mentioned that it will be providing accuracy in terms of the shape of the particular street that a user is trying to look for and even the width of the road that is being shown on the app. Earlier, Apple has also attempted to successfully change the design of the Maps App by adding necessary details to it.

    For being able to use and experience the little and important changes, users have to “zoom-out” from the location they are searching for a better understanding.

    Not just better findability of a location, through this update it will be easier to find out and see what a particular location looks like. For now, there’ll be only 220 countries receiving the update but Google has said that it shall keep adding more countries and places to the list with time.

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