The Saved Location Tabs on Google Maps Will Get a Significant Update

    ‘saved’ location

    Google now has decided to bring some much-needed changes to the saved location tabs. Google has been releasing updates almost every other day this year, which have been launched to improve the functionality of the search platform.

    Google Maps just completed 15 years in the year 2020. The saved location tabs let the user bookmark their locations for their convenience. The saved locations on Google Maps could be about any place that the user wishes to bookmark – it could be a restaurant, a particular shop or even a street.

    ‘saved’ location

    The update aims at redesigning the saved location tab for better navigation that the users will benefit from.

    This update is helpful if a user has saved or bookmarked many such locations. This will help sort that bit by letting the user push the recently bookmarked place to the top of the saved location tab. This is a useful and important feature that will help users to find the places they need to get to by having them saved conveniently, as the accessibility will also get better. 

    On Google Maps, the saved location tab has the options of Favourites, Want To Go and Starred places. This update on Google Maps will further sort out the problem of losing a saved location by letting the user save it on the top of the list. Along with this major feature update on the app, now Google Maps will, through the help of a user’s location history, suggest places to add to the list depending on where the user is.

    google maps saved location

    Based on the device’s proximity to the location, the smartphone user will be able to find the location that the user wants to find. Additionally, on the saved locations tab, there will now be pictures of the particular place along with the name and tag which will help the user sort the location into the Want To Go or Starred places option.

     You can also easily find that amazing hole in the wall restaurant you visited during one of your past vacations, or that cute boutique you popped into a few weeks ago. All of these insights are now organized by time, city, region or country,” said Google about the update to the saved locations tab on Google Maps. 

    The saved tab on Google Maps is quite a bit of an inconvenience to use because it gets too confusing too soon. Users who keep adding to the saved list of location, find a cluttered list that they have no easy way of navigating. This update, however, should help in terms of dealing with this issue on Google Maps.

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