Google Launched Android 11 Beta and Here are the Updates


    Google, on Wednesday, has rolled out the first beta version of Android 11 and this pre-release version will be available for over-the-air updates. Beta Android 11 is said to offer Google Meet to everyone and also will have various new ways to help users connect better with each other.

    This version of Android will make sure that they keep devices and media secured and controlled. The devices which can run this Beta version are just a few, namely, Pixel 2,3,3a and 4. 

    Google had decided to schedule the Android 11 Beta version release because it did not want important conversations about racial injustice to get diverted. It postponed the release so that people could focus more on these discussions across the world. 

    If you want to give running this Beta version a shot on your listed smartphone then you can click to enrol here. Google has also made the OS images available for download and the updated emulator is available as well! As mentioned earlier, this Beta version will mainly be focussed on three themes, namely, people, privacy and controls. 

    “We’ve added multiple new features to help users manage access to sensitive data and files, and we’ve hardened critical areas of the platform to keep the operating system resilient and secure,” Google said.

    In Android 11 this version will also make Google Meet available to all users and as a result, it will be able to support larger meetings, and family mode option for Duo will let people draw and doodle on calls and can see added effects if they choose that, Google Meet will become even more fun and interesting for users in this Beta version of Android 11. 

    Along with other features that keep the security and privacy concerns at the forefront, there will be another feature in Android 11. This feature is said to move all conversations across multiple messaging apps to a particular space in the notification section which will be solely dedicated for this purpose.

    According to David Burke, this feature makes it simple as it is easy to manage notifications and conversations by keeping it all in one place.  

    There is a new update in the notification system which are called the chat bubbles. These chat bubbles will be notifying the users about the messaging apps which will inform the user while they are working. There is a new feature which is the consolidated and better keyboard suggestions that will be present. 

    google android 11 beta

    Users who use voice control on their Android devices will find some new changes and ways to operate the voice control feature on their devices. It will use an improved on-device system that will be able to understand better in terms of what is on their screen then generate results for the voice commands. 

    Google will be able to help control your smart home devices better and will enable greater control that will make it easier to switch the output device for the audio and video content.

    Google has added the system of one-time permissions so that an app only gets access to your microphone, camera or location once and then auto-resets for permissions when the app is not used for some time.  

    Along with these features, Google has planned to bring out updates for Android developers specifically.

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