Google Home Speakers (Finally) Get Bluetooth Support

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Back when Google announced their plans of entering the smart speaker market, many people looked out to the search giant in hopes of finally getting one that actually works. When the Google Home launched, many were left a tad bit disappointed with the lack of any auxiliary support. This rendered most of the Bluetooth enabled speakers you had…kinda useless. This forced users to turn to Google’s other device, the Chromecast Audio for their music casting needs.

Google Home MiniFear not though, as Google has finally decided to add in native Bluetooth support to their Google Home lineup of devices: the compact Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. This means that you’ll now be able to pair your Home speaker with any Bluetooth enabled speaker you might have lying around. This way you can cast your music from your smartphone to the Home speaker and the audio will be routed through the connected Bluetooth speaker instead.Google Home Lineup

To do this, simply follow these steps :

  • Make sure your desired Bluetooth speaker is turned ON.
  • Go to the Google Home app and click on ‘Devices’ on the upper menu.
  • Tap on the Home device you want to connect your speaker with (In case you have multiple Home speakers).
  • Navigate to Settings—> Default Music Speaker—> Pair Bluetooth Device
  • From here, connect to your speaker once it’s visible (Make sure the speaker has its pairing visibility turned on beforehand).
  • Voila! You’re done.
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Now any and all commands you give will be routed through to your paired speaker. Enjoy!Show us some support by following our Instagram handle.

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