Google has New Tools Up its Sleeve to Help with Your Online Learning!


    The education sphere has undergone a massive change in the current times owing to the pandemic. There has been a huge shift in the educational system because everything has moved to an online platform. And to battle these problems, Google has announced that it will now bring out important features which will facilitate online learning for students.

    It has also added that it will bring features on Google Meet along with focussing on a new tool which will help children do their homework. Homework Helper tool works by requiring the student to click a picture of their homework and uploading it. The search giant will then be able to help with the problem. For instance, the tool can help with solving mathematical sums.

    Google is here with many new features which will help online education to become simpler and more effective. Through Google Lens, there’ll be a virtual guide on Google Education Mode that will assist the student with his homework.

    With subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, a student can easily lookup for the possible help and solutions off the search engine. It has the ability to take the student through the step-by-step process to get to the possible solution for a problem.  

    Students and their parents can download the two Google apps Socratic and Google Lens. These two apps mainly will give a faster and quicker answer to a problem with explanations that a student would benefit from. 

    There are a host of new features which will be later on added to Google Meet. The important update of moderators being able to control and oversee many aspects of the online class will be rolled out in September. For eg, a moderator will be able to not allow participants into the online class once they have left the call or even if they have been not allowed for twice.

    Additionally, moderators will be able to manage the whole request situation better by the presence of bulk requests which he or she will have the full liberty to accept or reject. 

    These are some of the features that the moderators of a call will have with September’s update. Through many of these updates, the student’s and teacher’s interactions are hopefully going to get better because teachers will be able to understand which students are really present in the classes. 

    In September a 7×7 grid will be available which will enable users to view larger tiles of 49 students all at once, so it will be easy for the teacher to keep a track of their students online. Its whiteboard called Jamboard will be incorporated in Google Meet, this is will help students and teachers to share ideas simultaneously.

    Other features like, changing the background or blurring them will also be found on Google Meet. The system of maintaining attendance better by tracking it on Google Meet too will be available along with smaller discussions happening through Breakout Rooms. 

    A hand-raising option similar to Zoom shall also be found on Google Meet. The company will be rolling out new temporary recordings feature which will allow the host to record the class and share the recording by 30 days because post that period, the link of the video expires. Not to forget that Google Classrooms will also be receiving its fair share of updates. Stay tuned for more! 

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