Google and Nest Routers Updated for Slower Connections

    google nest wifi

    Google has been making new changes of late to update and bring better functionality for the users in the device. Google has rolled out an update to the Nest WiFi and Google WiFi which is supposed to “improve overall network performance on slow internet connections.”

    The update is primarily because people are at their homes or indoors and they need the device to work better with this necessary feature which makes the device effective even with slower home connections. 

    Nest WiFi and Google WiFi will now work better even with slower internet connections. “Your WiFi will better support multiple video calls, gaming sessions and more simultaneously,” Google Nest product manager Sanjay Noronha wrote that. He also added that this particular software update will now “improve device connection speeds on wireless networks and optimizations so your devices move to faster WiFi radio channels.”

    google nest wifi

    Originally this update will make the routers function better and run smoother and in a seamless manner. The update basically is including and improving the general and overall security and stability of the devices.

    There is a priority device feature and it lets the users select which device can temporarily get the strongest WiFi that is available, so it is getting “smarter” too, according to Google. This will benefit and welcome families working and children who are homeschooling, now there will be no disturbances while video calling even if somebody is playing video games! 

    To sum up all the features in one place; 

    • This update is said to improve overall network performance on slower internet connections and that also means that the WiFi will now support multiple video calls, gaming sessions, and more simultaneously and in a much better way.
    • There are overall and general security and stability improvements in this update.
    • This update has improved the device connection speeds on wireless networks.
    • This update is better optimized and so the devices move and pick up better and faster WiFi radio channels too.
    • There is a priority device feature available and that has also got smarter. So, one can be sure of one thing that the WiFi traffic will be prioritized to the device one chooses. 

    Google and Nest WiFi updates will also be launched automatically in the background. Google had launched the Nest WiFi system last year in the month of October, this has incorporated a router and a smart speaker into one device for better optimisation. Before releasing this update, it had also released the Google WiFi mesh router system.

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