The God of War For iPhones, Oddmar is Here


God of War is holding almost all the top 10 spots for the most popular searches on Google. Taking advantage of the God of War craze, developers Mobge Ltd and Senri LLC have released a viking platformer, called Oddmar on the iOS devices.

While at heart, Oddmar is a regular platformer, it does so much more. Physics based puzzles, gorgeous artstyle and a lot of bouncing are some of the key features of this mobile platforming game. It reminds me of Trine 2 a lot, except here you’ve got only one player character, our viking hero.

God of War mobile OddmarJust like Trine, there are multiple ways to defeat foes in Oddmar, and to clear the path at times, a lot of thinking is needed. All this makes for a pleasant time in this God of War rip-off (well kind of). If you are one of those people who take the soundtrack and the art style into account while choosing a game, this game is a must. With a Norse theme and music, it is an entertaining platformer with some good humor and is certainly worth a try. Oddmar is available on the Apple store now!

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