For a lot of people, it is very important for a game to not only have excellent gameplay, but it must also look pristine and crisp. Luckily, God of War director Cory Barlog, has recently confirmed on Twitter that God of War for the PlayStation 4 will have a mode with extra defined graphics, dubbed ‘Performance Mode’. This means that every single ounce of power will be used from the system to give players a visual experience like no other.

god of warThis game mode will be available on the PS4 Pro version, and he also said that while it is not fully necessary to upgrade to the new system to enjoy the game to its fullest, the Pro version has some enhancements that might make the overall experience more enjoyable.

Players wondering how much space they will need for this game can also start to make necessary adjustments, as based on a variety of reports, it seems that the game will be approximately 44.6 GB at launch. The huge size may not worry people with an external hard drive, but players with just the internal memory might have to delete some games in order to make room for a whole new set of Kratos and his adventures.

god of war

On April 2nd, a new trailer released that gave us some more information about the exploration elements present in the game, as well as showcasing battles with trolls, one of enemies in the game.

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