The Humble Monthly bundle for October is here and it’s got Blizzard’s latest sensation, Overwatch, as an early unlock along with other great titles that will be revealed on the 5th of October, all for the low price of $12.

Overwatch alone for that value already makes this deal a steal but with even more great games on the horizon, any gamer out there who’s held back on taking the plunge into the world of Overwatch has no excuse anymore. And if that isn’t enough, there’s also a special offer on the table that rewards those who continue on their Humble Monthly subscription for the next two months with bonus Loot Boxes full of awesome items like Skins and Sprays that players can use to enhance their Overwatch experience.

For those not aware of Humble Monthly, it’s a subscription based service offered by Humble Bundle that rewards subscribers with a curated bundle of games worth over a $100 at retail value for $12/month. Other benefits include an extra 10% off on all purchases from the Humble Store, access to Humble Trove, where players can download and play from a catalog of over 60 DRM-free games, and support for a new charity every month. Subscriptions can also be canceled at anytime and all the games received during the subscription period will be accessible forever.

So for those looking to do some good and score some great games at great prices, go get that Humble Monthly subscription now.


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