Just recently MSI had teased its enthusiast class Lightning, and we saw first signs of the existence of ASUS ROG MATRIX, and now EVGA has more or less confirmed that they’re working on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin.

A picture was posted by Vince Lucido on Instagram, it showcases the latest entry in the EVGA Kingpin series. This will be the fifth installment of this series. Kingpin is EVGA’s super high-end, expensive and over the top line of GPUs and is not meant for the mainstream market.

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These cards are designed for extreme (sub-zero cooling) overclocking and are not suitable for normal and casual gamers. This series is strictly meant for enthusiasts or for whoever can afford it considering its high price. Kingpin series was one of the first to use liquid nitrogen in their extreme overclocking attempts.

Still, many people buy these cards despite its ridiculous pricing and without considering who they are actually meant for.

The first picture of the first GeForce RTX that was posted on Instagram by Vince Lucido can be seen below. The picture shows a partial look of the graphics card with the Kingpin branding. There is also a liquid nitrogen cooling block visible.

There’s still no information about the specification of the card but it won’t be long before the card is launched officially by EVGA.


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