When Nintendo first released Animal Crossing in 2001, there was no way they could have predicted how successful the genre of the game would become. The first four games gained notoriety as being the most successful games of their respective consoles, and ever since the release of 2017’s Pocket Camp, fans have been clamouring for a new addition to the famed series. While this post does not cover animal crossing, it does talk about a game that aims to be within the ambit of the series, Garden Paws, developed by Bitten Toast Games Ltd. 

Garden Paws: A New Multiplayer RPG Now on Kickstarter

Garden Paws is a multiplayer RPG stimulation game that has the player building up a farm that they have inherited from their grandparents. In addition to a farm, the player is also in charge of managing a shop, which they require the help of a local construction shop to get up and running. The game allows the player to build up their very own town with the assistance of Mayor Wilson, and it does this through a whole slew of activities. The main point of the activities is to collect coins in order to build up the town and ensure that it prospers. 

Garden Paws: A New Multiplayer RPG Now on Kickstarter

The game is currently on kickstarter.com, and you can help back it by pledging any amount of money towards its development. You can also check out details of the game on Steam, where the specs are also listed. 


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