Gaming Consoles: How Dirty are They?

    Nintendo Switch Controller, DualSense and Xbox Series Console controller

    Gaming is a passion that’s here to stay; many would even go to the extent of saying that the gaming console has become man’s best friend. However, have you ever wondered how dirty your gaming console is? It’s probably not something that comes into our minds, truth be told. I mean, it looks clean! However, here’s where your minds are about to be blown – according to research conducted by Betway Casino on 12 random sets of consoles and computers along with kitchen tables and toilet seats, there’s much to be concerned about when it comes to your personal hygiene.

    PlayStation vs Xbox vs PC vs Switch: Who wins?

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    This is a war no one probably wants to win. However, the research estimates that the PlayStation is the most unclean console of the lot, with the Switch being the cleanest. The PC, however, is the worst affected out of all of them. Trust us, we’re as surprised!

    According to the research, the PlayStation consisted of a whopping 72.5 colony-forming bacteria units per swab taken. The buttons and the joystick are the worst hit and the median number of colony-forming bacteria on them was 190.

    On the other hand, the PC is worse affected than the PlayStation by a significant margin, but it is the mouse that shines in the unclean list. The research indicates that the median swab on the mouse had 247.5 colony-forming units. Additionally, the start button and the keyboards, too, have a significant number of bacteria on them.

    Coming to the Xbox, although it is significantly cleaner than its predecessors, it’s not the cleanest. Its controller handles, however, are a completely different story and records some of the highest colony-forming bacteria.

    Switch users, this is your time to shine. It is the most hygienic of the lot, with meagre 55 colony-forming units per swab.

    How dirty are your controllers?

    Wondering where your controllers stand in this mess? Don’t worry, they aren’t that far behind either.

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    Rub and clean!

    Listen, we get it. It’s impossible to keep hygiene in check in the midst of a very important match. It’s quite obvious that your consoles are going to get dirty without you even knowing. Food particles are the most common things to get stuck in your beloved consoles without your knowledge along with spit, sweat and whatnot. Thus, it is important to give your favourite gaming equipment a much-needed clean atleast once a week. Although yes, not all bacteria are harmful, but it’s never a bad idea to keep everything clean so that you stay healthy and safe.

    How to clean

    First and foremost, unplug your devices. Then, dampen a cloth and use a bleach-free and plastic-friendly cleaning solution to wipe down all of your equipment and things that you regularly use. However, do not use this on the actual console since there’s a high chance for moisture to ruin everything. On the consoles, use a microfibre cloth to remove all the dust and germs. Lastly, don’t forget to dust and clean the underneath of your console and around it.

    Honestly, a clean console is one that will last long. Let’s be honest, we all love our gaming consoles, so it makes sense to keep them a clean as possible – not just for yourself, but for your loved ones as well.

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