Futuristic AIO Cooling Solution By Cooler Master Unveiled At Computex 2019


    Computex 2019 was filled with surprises and Cooler Master had one of the most peculiar water-cooling (AIO) solutions, the MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO.

    Cooler Master

    This fancy looking piece of tech is a dual-pump, quad-chambered AIO cooling solution. The two pumps should increase the flow rate of the coolant thus doubling the cooling effect. While other manufacturers try to reduce the vortex effect to reduce the hurtful bubble formation in the pump and reservoir, Cooler Master intends to create a whirlpool-like effect inside the reservoir which might hurt the performance.

    MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO

    None the less, if looks are concerned, this AIO looks gorgeous. With the dual pumps, a radiator shielded inside a futuristic shroud along with vortex spinning inside the res paired with RGB lit GPU cooler, this is a complete package deal. Keep in mind that it’s still in a prototype phase and we’ll probably see a release at CES, next year.

    Along with this model, single pump variants will also be available. The company hasn’t officially announced the pricing for the product but by the looks of it, the MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO will be priced in the range of $250-300.

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