Full Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPU Lineup Price Leaked Online Ahead of Launch

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Intel’s 10th Gen CPU lineup is just a few months away from launch, for all we know. With Intel looking to get an advantage over AMD, pretty competitive pricing can be expected. While earlier, a few retailers had leaked the price of i5-10600 CPU, today, a Belgian retailer has leaked the price of the entire lineup.

Core i9-10900K$562
Core i9-10900KF$532
Core i9-10900$506
Core i9-10900T$506
Core i9-10900F$476
Core i7-10700K$436
Core i7-10700KF$405
Core i7-10700$376
Core i7-10700T$376
Core i7-10700F$346
Core i5-10600K$296
Core i5-10600KF$266

The entry-level i5 KF model, without the iGPU starts at $266. It goes all the way up to the i9-10900K, which costs a whopping 562$. If we compare it to the stuff available on the red side, we might not see much value here. Leaks haven’t suggested too great of an improvement over AMD’s existing CPUs. Not to forget, Zen 3 is also round the corner.

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If this actually turns out to be the pricing Intel goes ahead with, it will raise some serious questions. If we look at the i9-10900KF, which should go head to head with AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900x, there is a massive 100$ difference in price. It’s very less likely the $100 buff in price will be justified. Taking into consideration the fact that it’s still on 14nm, there is only much Intel can do on that node. Similarly, the prices for i5s and i7s don’t look too catchy either, and whether it is justified remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, with rumors suggesting that Intel will reveal the CPUs in April 2020, it won’t be long before we actually get real information.

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  1. The Core i5-10600KF will rock though as gaming cpu on 1080p, with a 5.3ghz oc and hopefully lower temps due too no igp, there is nothing AMD has to beat that, i doubt even Zen 3 will reach 5ghz..


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