Fortnite Season 9 commences: ‘The Future is Yours’


    “The future is unknown. The future is bright. The future is tilted.” These words mark the beginning of a brand new season in Fortnite. So battle bus players, this is everything you need to know.


    With every new season of Fortnite, we see an advancement in the story-line with the introduction of new themes for the season. We saw the Volcano destroying Tilted Towers and Retail Row in the last days of Season 8. It seems a lot of time has passed since then as the map has received a major update this time around. Everything has been revived and remade, or putting it in Fortnite terms, has received the “NEO” theme. Tilted Towers has emerged from its ashes and is looking better than ever. There are new modes of transportation, new challenges, events and a lot more.


    There are three main locations on the map. Neo Tilted, which are the new Tilted Towers, with new buildings, swimming pools, stations and a lot more. Retail Row has been revamped and named Mega Mall, which is exactly what it sounds like. Season 8’s Volcano has been converted to a power plant, called Pressure Plant, utilizing energy from the Volcano Vents. There is also a new building at the banks of Paradise Palms. Loot Lake has also received a makeover.


    One thing every Fortnite player is excited about is the new Battle Pass, which offers players multiple skins, pets, gliders, emotes and more. Season 9 is no different. There are seven new skins, namely, Rox, Sentinel, Bunker Jonesy, Vega, Stratus, Demi, Vendetta. All of them have the “neo” vibe on them. You can earn up to 1500 Vbucks while tiering up this season. There are also new emotes, pets, gliders and more. The Battle Pass starts for 950 Vbucks.


    There are new Events in the form of challenges- Fortbyte and Utopia. Fortbyte is a 100- challenge event where players will have to solve the pieces of a puzzle to find the mystery behind the Fortnite island. Currently there are 18 challenges waiting to be unlocked.


    There are new ways of transportation across the map. Slipstreams are wind tunnels that can carry players from one place to other in a short time. The air vents at the building terraces push the players upwards and make them immune to fall damage. These will definitely allow for better movement.


    There is a new shotgun, called the Combat Shotgun, which has less damage than the pump, but a higher fire rate. This, of course, means that the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted, RIP PUMP. Grenades have returned. Poison traps, Scoped Revolver, Balloons have also been ditched. For a complete list of these changes, read the patch notes here.

    Season 9 will last for 10 weeks in total. Are you excited about this season? Let us know.

    In case you have not seen, here is the Season 9 trailer:


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